Ever dreamed of having your car photographed like the ones you see in custom car magazines? At the Ratbadger's studio we'll turn your custom car into a beautiful custom work of art! Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Old Cars, Classic Cars, Race Cars, Vintage Automobiles, Motorcycles and more! Contact us to discuss your project! Better yet send along a few photos for a free evaluation.

About the Artist (A.K.A The RatBadger)

jeff_the_artistI have always been interested in custom cars, photography and art. Talking to custom car owners I’ve learned that many of them having spent thousands on their cars often did not have any good photographs of their completed projects. Although I like to meet the owners and take the photographs I found I could often work with photography supplied by car owners to create a cool one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Now you can have a custom image of your classic car to display on your office wall or use with your car at shows. I like to think of them as Car-O-Graphy collages and just like your car they are totally customized! Call or email today to discuss how we can turn your car into a work of art! Click Here for Contact Page.

The latest from the Ratbadger...

ratbadger custom, classic, vintage and hot rods

Cool custom motorcycle spotted by the Ratbadger

Yes I was out exploring one day and came across what has to be one of the coolest custom motorcycles I’ve ever seen! Definitely out of this world. Over the top! Photo Credit: Jeff Kumagai

ratbadger custom, classic, vintage and hot rods

Knox Mountain Hill Climb Annual Race

This first time I watched the Knox Mountain Hill Climb I could not believe such a race still existed in North America. Watch cars race up the mountain at insane speeds on a very, very narrow course at incredible speeds negotiating

ratbadger custom, classic, vintage and hot rods

Peachland World of Wheels Car Show 2017

It looks like the date has been set for the 2017 World of Wheels Car Show in Peachland, British Columbia, Sunday, May 21st. This has to be one of the best venues for a car show around, right downtown Peachland on